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2009-07-21 16:30:32 by jopamac

Well just this year I had an Irish wolf hound, her name was Tip, unfourtunately she ate a corncob whole and thusly died a few weeks later. BUT my folks have lined up a new dog to come in from Dublin, were gettin a male and hes far as we know. I am SO excited for this so I'm going to keep you guys posted with any news on the dogs


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2009-07-21 16:34:52

Simon stop being a Fucking douche bag you Wannabe Troll

anyways Irish wolf hounds FTW dude
i've always wanted one but cant really have a Dog currently

jopamac responds:

whos simon lol so ya Irish wolfies are the best dawg evar cuz... they pwn
like my irish wolfhound almost killed a portugees water dog


2009-07-31 14:42:37

As we all know, slicing bread is an esteemed profession and without it society would collapse as everybody would have to eat whole loaves and not slices of it, making the process of food consumption both lengthy and tiresome. I feel that we should pay our respects to the time-old tradition of bread slicing by whipping out a loaf in each of our separate homes and slicing it into fine pieces on Friday the 7th of August, 2009. Thank you for your attention, have a nice bread slicing day!

jopamac responds:

um thank you for your creativity