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Well just this year I had an Irish wolf hound, her name was Tip, unfourtunately she ate a corncob whole and thusly died a few weeks later. BUT my folks have lined up a new dog to come in from Dublin, were gettin a male and hes far as we know. I am SO excited for this so I'm going to keep you guys posted with any news on the dogs

My user picture

2009-07-21 04:46:28 by jopamac

Ya I finaly made one for myself on the icon maker, so graciously provided by smokinjoeevil.
I figure you guys clearly go to the front page, so I won't put a link in this post, but seriously if you are meaning to get yourself a user pic try this thing its on the front page...for now.
In other news
-I made a new song (yes tradereddy I made one)
-Rogerio and ed have so kindly just informed me that we're changing the theme of our po3 entry, not like I care though, I only do audio.XD
-I learned how to cook :D

Blogging the Night

2009-06-11 21:05:01 by jopamac

Its now 8:40 pm
Today was me and Edds last exam and school is out forever w00t :D. But im not here to talk about that im here to fill all you wonderfull people here at newgrounds in on what Phenix Digital arts is doing right now, well as some of you may know powerof three is starting up, we all know the big names that are in it such as Ego Raptor, Rubber Ninja, The Swain, Adam Philips, etc. but we are in (you can see us in the listings for the teams are here. so thanks for reading, I'll be keeping you guys posted on our progeress.


2008-01-18 21:14:29 by jopamac

hey guys first post on my new lap top
its such an awsom laptop it has a web cam, its fast and it has e-net (= +) :0)

stuff from hell

2007-12-19 15:12:25 by jopamac

every thing that i have is from hell i have an ipod but its not a nano, video, or touch it is the acursed mini
next to the shuffle the mini is the worst ipod and mine always breaks down if my ipod was a person it would probably be an old dude no not the super cool grandpa who gives you candy and tells kick ass war storie itt would be just one of thos fat farty wierdos that jam up the ttc (for those americans out
there the ttc is the toronto bus thing) i also have the worlds worst gameing system, the game cube duh duh duuuuuuuuhhhhhhh. it has the worst graphics and it only has two good games time spliters
and super smash bros. and gues what my copy of super smash bros. doesnt work(fffffffffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu uuuuuucccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!
!!!) and now i cant buy it and if i can its on ebay and from japan so its expensive to ship, its in japanease and some japanease kid probably replaced the game with friggin' kirby air ride.